About The National Academy

Vanita Banks

Patricia Rosier

The National Academy for Small Firms and Solos, LLC™ (National Academy) was founded to address a need in the African American Legal professional community.  Founders Vanita Banks and Patricia Rosier have over 60 years of collective experience executing successful programs designed for African American Attorneys. It is estimated that 80 percent of African American attorneys work in/own a small firm or operate as a solo practitioner. The Academy is focused on providing education, information and tools to assist small firms and solo practitioners to thrive and to be successful, and to achieve the highest level of professionalism in the practice of law.  The Academy specifically focuses on the needs of African American attorneys and legal professionals in small firms and solo practices. 

One of the Academy’s signature programs brings together the best African American trial lawyers in the nation to teach trial and litigation skills tailored for young and experienced trial lawyers.  Our Mission is to leverage our inter-generational strengths and talents to educate, train, develop and improve the skills of the next generation of African American lawyers and legal professionals.